State education doesn’t come any better than Holland Park School

In recent years Holland Park School has grown used to plaudits from Ofsted inspectors, enjoyed record breaking exam results and moved into a breathtaking new building, but now, with the New Year just begun, it has received a glowing accolade from an unexpected source and one that would have been nigh on unthinkable a decade ago.

Tatler – a magazine so sensitive to the fine tuning of social nuance that in the current issue it discusses the UK’s most ‘sought after burial spots’ – has just published its first ever guide to state schools.  The guide is designed to give parents who may have previously opted for private education, but who are now feeling the financial squeeze, an insight to the very best in the state system.  And according to Tatler, state education doesn’t come any better than Holland Park School which it names as the best comprehensive in London.

It has therefore discovered what many of us have known for quite a while. Holland Park School has travelled a long way in a short time. Its stunning new building, high standards and dynamic leadership have impressed the people who matter most, and that is local parents, and indeed parents across much of west London.  For many years now they have been giving this fine school their seal of approval and confidence, based on their own knowledge of its success.

So now anyone secretly craving the icing of social approval as an essential add-on to the substantial filling of educational attainment can take heart: a Holland Park education is now confirmed as the equivalent of one of those £4,000 handbags from a top designer like erm…Ferrero Rocher?


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  1. As someone who was a student of Holland Park School (and Sixth Form), I have seen Holland Park School transform into the school it is today. It is a remarkable achievement and has helped changed the lives of many students. A big thank you to you all who improved Holland Park School!!

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