Wornington Green is looking good

Wornington_Green-FBI was up at Wornington Green on Friday afternoon to tour Phase 1 of the new estate.

Although there have been complaints about construction noise and vehicle movements, which we are looking into, the buildings themselves all look very encouraging I thought.  The new terrace of mixed private and social homes looks splendid.  And, from the outside anyway, it was quite impossible to tell which was which.

As well as a new terrace of flats and maisonettes, Phase 1 also includes a row of new mews houses, again a mix of private and social and again, quite impossible to tell apart.  I was lucky enough to look around one of them and I’ll admit to experiencing pangs of jealousy as it was all very cool and Simon Templar-ish.

I imagine that the tenants who have moved from the old estate into those new houses are thrilled and delighted.  I do hope that’s the case.

So roll on Phases 2 and 3 I say.  When it’s all finished, when the new homes and businesses are occupied and Athlone Gardens and the traditional street patterns have been restored, we may find that Wornington Green 2.0 has been transformative for this part of North Kensington.

We are certainly hoping so and following the scheme closely.  One of the surest ways the Council has of doing something positive for the health and wellbeing of our residents is regeneration so we are paying attention to what has worked at Wornington and what hasn’t.


2 thoughts on “Wornington Green is looking good

  1. The mews houses are ok, (as we live in one of them), but I think they pushed us here a bit too early, they haven’t set up vital things like the phone lines, (and my family and I have been here since November) and there is very poor signal strength in the house so one would have to stand out in the balcony or outside the house to make a phone call. Our stairways already have cracks running down the bottom and they continue to spread, the stairway also creaks as you go up them, which I think is a bit too early for that. To get the maintenance people to do things is a nightmare. I really do love the house it is beautiful to a point that we are planning on buying the house, I just wish some of the defects could be fixed and the housing association would care a little bit more about these issues.

  2. Dear Nick,
    Please talk to the people who have had to dump well-loved furniture because it doesn’t fit into their new home. When such furniture has cost a massive proportion of ones income it’s crass to be told that “This is a new start! Rejoice! Discard your tatty old rubbish and take out a loan to buy smaller stuff!”

    Homes have flooded, ceilings have fallen in, lives have been miserably disrupted and residents now live on a building site that will be here for 10 years. The noise and dust is dismal.

    It’s difficult to know how to build desperately needed new homes without disruption, but this scheme was passed by one vote. There were really good reasons for that.

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