Organisations that help make our borough great

One of the things I have been trying to do as Council leader is to go round the borough meeting the organisations that make Kensington and Chelsea the great place that it is.

Every now and then the events that I go to turn out to be particularly memorable. Two stand outs from recent weeks are the Venture Centre Annual General Meeting and the Cardinal Vaughan centenary celebrations. Two great institutions, powering on all cylinders each with plenty of achievements under their belt and each making a tangible difference to local lives.

It’s counter-intuitive I know, but I really enjoyed the AGM, it was lively, fun even, but then the Venture Centre is a quite remarkably lively place despite being currently located in the middle of the Wornington Green building site. Whether it’s the steel band, IT training, after school clubs, adventure play, chat, yoga, zumba or just good old fashioned tea and talk, you’ll find it all there and receive a very warm welcome too. You can find out more about the centre here.

Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School’s recent centenary celebration at the Royal Albert Hall was quite something too. In fact it was a quite awesome night out, entertaining and moving in equal measure and all capped off with a rousing rendition of Bunyan’s To be a pilgrim or He who would Valiant be.

Apart from Jerusalem, I can’t think of a more stirring anthem and many in the audience, myself included, were visibly affected. We’d already heard details of each of the 40 pupils who gave their lives in the Second World War and to follow that with the glorious sound of hundreds of people, young and old alike, all belting out one of the greatest of all English hymns, was unforgettable!

The Vaughan is a genuinely great school and has been for many years. This is a link to a piece we did a few months back in the Council newspaper that tells something of this great institution’s story.