Mega-basements brought down to size

The Council has just achieved something very important for its residents.  We now have new, much tougher policies on basement developments.  Getting those new policies agreed by the Planning Inspectorate has been a long and arduous battle, two years long in fact.  Thousands of man hours and much expenditure have been required but we kept going because we knew how important it was to our residents.People will of course still be able to apply to add a basement to their properties but the two and three storey mega-basements that we have been plagued with these last few years are now against Council planning policy.

It needs to be recognised that mega-basements are big business in central London and that our policy changes were bitterly opposed by many developers.

I want to thank our ace planning team for leading the fight for change and I also want to thank our residents associations for backing us up at the planning inquiry and throughout the campaign.


5 thoughts on “Mega-basements brought down to size

  1. What constitutes a “mega” basement, please? One to the rear of our property is going through the planning process right now. It’s a very large, double-fronted house, whose owners extended it into the loft and built a two-storey side extension some years ago. A two-parent, two-children family who rattle around it as it is. What effect will this have on our properties – many of which, including this one have had to be underpinned already?

  2. This is wonderful news and I thank you for your hard work.

    I realise that you must have been fought ‘tooth and nail’ by the property developers and their over-priced lawyers.

    Does this mean, however, that planning applications pertaining to ‘single story subterranean basement extensions’ will still be approved despite huge inconvenience and unknown structural damage to neighbouring houses?

  3. Thanks for ending basement developments – totally selfish behaviour by builders/deliveries acting on behalf of developers clogging up single lane streets for a year or more with many developments at once – maybe one per street at a time would be more acceptable

    • The maximum of 50 per cent is limited to the garden area. Beneath the property itself it is limited to a single storey. Noise, inconvenience caused by obstructions to the free flow of traffic and associated disturbance are material planning considerations and there is currently a consultation on a draft Basements Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) which covers these aspects amongst others. Here’s a link to it

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