Ambitious for tomorrow

Part of my job as Leader of the Council is to try and identify the issues that confront us in Kensington and Chelsea and come up with a strategy for tackling them.  You can read my first effort at that task here.


2 thoughts on “Ambitious for tomorrow

  1. How disappointing that rbkc has decided to ignore 1500+ signatures regarding changes to playcentre. An essential provision for working parents… Shame on you.
    This borough gave council tax money back to its residents?
    Extremely confused, and bewildered.

    • We understand how important it is for working parents to be able to access affordable, high quality childcare. Several of our primary schools are already successfully running after-school clubs and our proposals will see more of them take on this responsibility. We know that their fees are not a world apart from our own charging structure and, with the Government’s childcare subsidy coming into effect in September, we are confident that parents will be largely immunised from price rises.

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