Nick’s New Year’s resolution

One of the things I do as Leader of the Council is to try and visit as many Council departments, residents associations, voluntary organisations and partner bodies as I can.  Inevitably that means I am offered a great many cups of tea, often accompanied by biscuits, sometimes even cake.

One of the sacrifices I make on behalf of the people of Kensington and Chelsea is to say yes to those delightful comestibles and as a result the pounds have been piling on.

In 2015, I intend to do something about that. I will be sticking to just one rich tea rather than six and if I eat cake at all, it will be as an alternative to pudding, rather than an addendum.  But I’m also going to take some exercise and when it comes to exercise Kensington and Chelsea is awash with opportunity and I’m not talking about Yogabox classes in an exclusive £100 a month gym either.

The gym at the Chelsea Sports Centre in the Old Town Hall was refurbished only last year and is a great place to get trim, and can be combined with a swim in the pool.  Our new North Kensington leisure centre opens very shortly and will be one of the best in London but you don’t even need to visit a leisure centre.  Did you know we have open air gyms in Holland Park and Little Wormwood Scrubs?  Or if your taste is for something gentler, that we lay on a range of health walks too?  There really is so much on offer, but don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself on our website under leisure and culture.

Actually when it comes to health and longevity, we are faring quite well in the Royal Borough but it’s foolish to think that further progress is inevitable.  Indeed there is some troubling data emerging about childhood obesity in parts of Kensington and Chelsea.  Let’s not allow our generation to be the apogee of good health; we want our children to have more years of good health than us, not less.  For that we need to make sure they grow up in and absorb a culture of good diet and exercise.  It’s up to us to show them the way, even if it does mean less tea and buns.