Taking the plunge

I said I would and now I have. My new year’s resolution to get fit is well on its way to fulfilment thanks to our new Kensington Leisure Centre. So excited in fact that last week I set off there determined to squeeze myself into a faded pair of trunks and test the water. It’s amazing how those trunks shrink when they’ve been out of the water for a while.

Anyone who knew the old leisure centre can’t fail to be impressed by what has happened on the site. I didn’t even know which of the three pools to choose, but as one seemed to be full of children having lessons I opted for the 25m option. The changing rooms were spotless and the lockers happily large enough to take the bits and pieces and devices that seem relentlessly to accompany everyday life.

My confidence boosted by the watchful gaze of the lifeguards, I managed a full ten lengths with only a few stops here and there. The pool is magnificent as is the rest of the centre. Next time I will be trying the gym. The dance studio will probably not be natural territory but I am told there is a wonderful spa pool and even a café.

Sitting next to the new Academy and with a hugely improved public space all around it, this is a great improvement to a previously impenetrable part of the borough. Do go and see it and if you run into a lean, mean stick insect…