We must bring Crossrail 2 to Chelsea

The London Underground was and is pivotal to London’s growth and prosperity. It meant the urban poor were able to travel to work cheaply. It meant families were able to move out a little, to where they could afford two rooms rather than one. It meant the end of gruelling daily walks to and from the workplace in all weathers. It meant children being able to see trees and fields. It led to the development of our glorious suburbs and it also led to a less stratified society with people of all classes travelling together on the same trains.

In other words, the London Underground was a revolution and now London is poised on the brink of another. The tunnelling for Crossrail 1 is now complete. The tunnelling for Crossrail 2 could start as soon as 2017. There is already talk of Crossrail 3. The Crossrail revolution is coming. The question is: will Chelsea be part of it?

Personally I hope the answer will be a very big yes.

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Survey figures provide a warm glow but the hard work continues

I’ve been a Councillor since 1986 and been in the hot seat as Leader for two years. In this time I’ve been responsible for overseeing many of the services we provide to residents, businesses and visitors.

It never ceases to amaze me what gets done each and every day.

From bins being collected to children being cared for, Council staff and contractors are out there round-the-clock making sure that the borough runs smoothly.

Of course there are times when things don’t go as well as I would like and when this happens it’s very important that we listen and improve.

Thankfully, however, we seem to get things right more often than not and this was borne out by the results of an important independent survey that shows our resident satisfaction at an all time high. Continue reading