Remembering local hero Richard Bell Davies

Richard Bell Davies

Richard Bell Davies
Copyright: Imperial War Museums

Recently I attended a local act of remembrance where a memorial paving stone was laid at the Sloane Square war memorial in memory of the late Richard Bell Davies.

Richard was awarded a Victoria Cross for what was the world’s first ever combat search and rescue by aircraft.

“Lest we forget” is the famous Kipling refrain, and in that spirit I thought I would use this week’s column to recount a little of Richard’s life. Continue reading

From adversity comes strength

tricoloreoverlibraryBritain’s relationship with France runs very deep. The two of us have a profound historical connection, a close family resemblance, but also, let’s face it, a long-standing rivalry.

But actually I don’t think that rivalry amounts to very much these days: the odd spat in Brussels perhaps, or the odd boo at Twickenham. Fact is – with so many French people living in Britain and so many Britons living in France, we have simply moved “ever closer”, and in the real, rather than the EU sense. Continue reading

Toughest planning enforcement team in London

Heartbreak Ridge is a 1986 film starring Clint Eastwood in which the great man plays Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway, a grizzled veteran of the Korean war.

Nearing retirement, Highway faces one last challenge: whipping Recon Platoon into shape.  As the cloudlets of war gather – the US is poised to invade Grenada – it’s Highway’s job to get Recon combat ready. Continue reading