Kensington and Chelsea gets ready to clean for the Queen

I don’t know about you, but when I have a bit of a do to celebrate a birthday or some other noteworthy event, I like my modest abode to look its best.  So that requires a deeper clean than normal.

No corners can be cut: the sofa has to be moved and the Hoover gets to places it doesn’t ordinarily visit; the comforting aroma of Mr Sheen fills the air and all the glasses for the celebratory toasts are positively gleaming.

Like the rest of you, I only have one birthday a year where I have to go to such lengths.  But there is one person in the realm that gets the birthday treatment twice a year and here of course I’m talking about HM Queen Elizabeth II. Continue reading

Credit to our planners who do a difficult job

When you live cheek by jowl in a small, tightly packed borough like ours, one Council department that can end up having quite an impact on your life is planning.  Planners and the planning committee make decisions about all sorts of things that can lead to delight or despondency – depending on what side of the application you sit. Continue reading

Making the Council a bit more open

Since becoming leader of the Royal Borough I have been trying to make the Council a bit more open or, in the jargon of community engagement, “permeable”.

One of the ways I’ve been doing this is through Ask Nick, a series of public meetings around the borough at which residents can put questions to me and to the other cabinet members present.

The ninth Ask Nick is on Tuesday 23 February.  It takes place at St Mary The Boltons starting with tea and biscuits at 6pm and questions getting underway at 6.30pm. Continue reading