Counters Creek consultation underway

On 20 July 2007 over 100 cms of rain fell on west London in just a few hours. It really was an extraordinary rainstorm.

I was at an event under the Westway at the time and we were imprisoned by walls of rain.  The Met Office later described the downpour as a once-in-a-130-year weather event.

Unfortunately, our Victorian sewer system was overwhelmed by the volume of water and well over 400 properties in Kensington and Chelsea were flooded.  And some of the flooding in the W14 area came in the form of sewage; not good, especially for those in basement flats. Continue reading

Our North Ken rail scheme has been resurrected

Kensal Map 2Regular readers will know, perhaps rather too well, that the Council is a firm and long-standing supporter of a Crossrail 2 station in Chelsea.  What has been less discussed in recent years is that we have also campaigned for a Crossrail 1 station on the site of the old Kensal gas works. Continue reading