We’ve taken steps to curtail supercars’ growls

You can’t beat a wonderful BBC nature documentary.  It seems that for years we’ve all been educated and entertained by David Attenborough and the talented cameramen and women who have given us an insight into the animal kingdom.  From the blackbird to the blue whale we have learned about how species survive or, in some cases, how perilous their existence can be.

The role of the seasons in nature has been a mainstay and something I think about when it comes to patterns of life here in Kensington and Chelsea.  And just as migratory birds, like swifts and swallows, return to our shores for the summer, so do beasts of an entirely different order.  But expect no thrilling aerial displays from these visitors because I’m talking about the return of the supercar. Continue reading

All views are important

All political leaders are in some way or another marked men and women.  The very nature of the job means your decisions, or that of your government or in my case Council, are going to please some but upset others.

You have to learn to live with this but believe me, it can give you sleepless nights, especially when you know a decision you’ve made might incur the wrath of Darth Vadar!  Throw in Sherlock Holmes and Dr Who and you know you’re facing some serious opposition.

In my case it’s not these fabulous characters rather the people who have delighted us by playing them, Dave Prowse, Benedict Cumberbatch and Colin Baker who are amongst those the Council has upset. Continue reading