The Royal Borough never bores

I have been a resident and Councillor in Kensington and Chelsea for a great many years. In that time, I have visited pretty much every street and been in hundreds of homes, shops, restaurants and probably much all of its public buildings.

But even so, the Royal Borough never bores; such is the richness of our history, our architecture and our art, that there is always something new to discover. Continue reading

Remembering the dead

Forty years ago this month a memorial to the dead of Katyn was unveiled, not at a major public location, but in the Council-owned Gunnersbury cemetery.

In 1945, the exhausted Allies had little choice but to accept the absorption of part of pre-war Poland into the Soviet Union and the installation of a puppet Government in Warsaw.  For the surviving remnants of the Polish forces who had taken on Hitler and Stalin and then regrouped in London to continue the fight, it was a shattering blow. Continue reading

Rid your homes of unwanted pests

At the risk of sounding a bit like a mafia don, I’m going to make you an offer that might just help you get rid of a pest.  And before anyone thinks I’ve gone a bit Vito Corleone let me make it clear that I’m not talking about business partners, flatmates or even political opponents, but the sort of uninvited houseguests that come in via broken drains and cracks in walls. Continue reading

Plenty of sporting opportunities

notting dale

Dale Youth Boxing Club

It has been hard not to be impressed with Team GB’s Olympic success. Just about every day over the last couple of weeks we were able to celebrate a new medal across a range of sports.


We’ve ended the Games second in the medals table behind only the USA. That is a stunning achievement. It is not just the number of medals that gave me cause to be proud but the sheer breadth of sports that we ended up on the podium for.

Whether it is trap shooting, show jumping, cycling, swimming, gymnastic or athletics and I could go on, it seems that we can hold our own with the best in the world.

I really hope that as a result of watching the greatest sportsmen and women on the planet showing us what elite performance is like that some people feel inspired to get involved in a sport. Whether that is with a desire to become an Olympian or just to get in shape doesn’t matter. Continue reading