Sloane Street – we are exploring options

web-sloane-st-south-view-01-fSloane Street has an international reputation as a high-end retail destination. It is also a thriving residential area.

It’s a fabulous street boasting some fine architecture and it also has the wonderful Cadogan Place Gardens which are much loved by residents and the many visitors attracted to the area each day.

Despite this praise of Sloane Street’s virtues, the Council thinks the street has drawbacks and could, with some alterations, be improved. It competes with some of the finest shopping streets in Europe and needs to present an attractive face to both shoppers and residents. This could be done by reducing the dominance of traffic and improving what some refer to as the public realm but many people might recognise as the pavements and street furniture.

We’re not alone in believing things could be better still – The Cadogan Estate, the biggest local landlord, has a long-term interest in the success of the area. With its funding there is an unparalleled opportunity to make some changes.

We’ve just distributed a document to the local community designed to consult on options for improving Sloane Street. We know from previous communications that many local people saw benefits in improving the streetscape with better paving, lighting and more greenery. However, we picked up concerns about the impact any change might have on traffic, public transport and parking. Having listened to these concerns the highway designers have developed some initial concepts into a design that we believe will make the road more attractive while keeping its character intact and very importantly avoiding any negative effect on traffic flows.

In essence we want to rejig the space to make more room for pedestrians on wider pavements. We want to add more greenery with high quality planting and we also want to reduce traffic speeds and introduce sustainable drainage measures.

There are a number of public exhibitions planned where local people can find out more about the project and see a model of what the street might look like if everything goes ahead. There will be staff on hand to answer questions.The exhibition will be held at 129 Sloane Street, SW1X 9AT and will be staffed and open to the public on:

  • Thursday 26 January from 2pm to 8pm
  • Friday 27 January from 10am to 2pm
  • Saturday 28 January from 10am to 2pm
  • Saturday 4 February from 10am to 2pm

I’d encourage as many people as possible to pop in and find out more. It’s really important to let us have your views and if you have received the consultation document please do complete it and return it to us. The closing date is Monday 27 February. You can find out lots more by going to