Cabinet changes for the coming year

Madam Mayor

Welcome and congratulations on your new position. We look forward to you presiding over our business for the forthcoming year.

Traditionally, this is the meeting (Council AGM Wed 24 May) where we make new appointments and announce changes. This year is no exception, as you will see from the papers laid around the chamber I am proposing a number of changes tonight. Continue reading

A Royal opening for our new nursery school building

Avondale Park Nursery School opened by HRH.jpgEarlier in March I had the privilege of attending the opening of the borough’s new, state-of-the-art nursery school building.

The Royal Borough was honoured to have Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Gloucester officially open the new nursery building at St Anne’s and Avondale Park Nursery School. Continue reading

Summer fun for children that won’t break the bank

The summer holidays are now upon us and children across the country will be clamouring for something to do. I know that the six long weeks of summer can be a challenge for parents trying to keep their offspring entertained without breaking the bank. Continue reading

Our Children’s Services judged to be Outstanding

We’ve had some spirit-lifting news recently.  The Ofsted inspectors have said that Kensington and Chelsea’s Children’s Services are the very best in the country following their rigorous inspection of the department in January.

Now, when I mention Ofsted to my friends they tend, not unreasonably, to associate it with all things to do with schools.  This is hardly surprising given the attention paid by politicians, parents and the media to reports about how individual schools are performing.

But Ofsted also shines a light on services that are not always as visible as schools but equally important, in fact often vital, to how many young people and their families develop and are supported. Continue reading