Baseless assertions by self-styled tribunes make me grumpy

I have political instincts and I’ve occasionally been forced to rely on them, but I’d always much rather make a decision based on reason and evidence.

Give me a dry paper every day of the week which sets out the history, the risks and the opportunities over a baseless assertion by a self-styled tribune of the people. Continue reading

Enormous and widespread respect for The Queen

The QueenIn my line of work it’s not unusual to see a flicker of hurt in someone’s eyes because you’ve got their name wrong despite a previous meeting or the irritation on a resident’s face when you can’t quite recall the details of their problem.

So yes, over my long career I’ll admit to the occasional lapse. In fact if truth be told, I am lucky if I manage to go 64 days without one, let alone 64 years. Which brings me, rather elegantly I think, to the subject of Her Majesty The Queen. Continue reading

Concerns over possible loss of another local post office

earls court post office 4Post Office branches in the Royal Borough have not had a good innings in recent years. Since 2004 we have seen nine closures across the borough, in spite of concerted campaigns by residents and Councillors to keep them open.

Last March I wrote to Post Office boss Paula Vennells to protest at the closure of Kings Walk Post Office. The lease on the building had expired. I explained that it was an enormous loss to Chelsea residents, many of whom are elderly, do not own a car and are dependent on their local office and asked if it was possible to look for alternative locations or talk with Cadogan Estate to see if another site could be found.

The solicitous reply, acknowledged that the closure would create difficulties for some customers, but offered no hope that it would find another site.

Now it seems there is another closure on the cards, this time it is the Earls Court branch at 185 Earl’s Court Road. Continue reading